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Permanent Botanicals

Custom silk and dried flower creations that make a lasting statement. Traditional, transitional and contemporary designs to suit every decor.
Master Bedroom

Design Originals

Elizabeth Vaughan, Founder and Chief Designer of award-winning Insite Interior Design, asked Gracefully Done to create one of a kind faux florals to complement a newly renovated home. 

Every detail -- the vessel, size, shape, color scheme and individual flowers for each arrangement -- was carefully designed and executed to forward the desired effect for each space. 

Alluring Alcove 

At the top of a sweeping staircase, a stately alcove harbors a Grecian marble urn viisible from all three floors of this meticulously renovated townhouse.  Gracefully Done was commissioned to create a permanent botanical in keeping with the elegance of the vessel and its perch.  The challenge was to fill the space, while not overwhelming it.  The result, an arrangement at one with the subtle beauty of the environment, that more than holds its own.

It's gorgeous.  Enhances the entire area!

Rachel, Brooklyn

Front & Center

A beautifully redecorated living room wanted only one thing more.  A centerpiece to grace the new space. Gracefully Done provided several concepts exploring different variations on style, color, and materials. It had to be just right. And it had to last. The result, a classically designed, elegant permanent arrangement brought to life with color and motion, hand-crafted in a graceful china urn.

Gracefully Done made a beautiful silk floral centerpiece for our living room.  They managed to complement the color palette and mood of our house and furniture and created a focal point for the room.  It looks so real we have to remind ourselves not to water it!  We couldn't be happier with the arrangement and highly recommend them.  Amanda & Alex, Mount Kisco


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