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Our product and services


We keep no inventory, so our product is always fresh, custom picked to the design specifications. We have no storefront, so no overhead is passed along to you. We have a select, experienced staff as well as a deep bench of skilled hands on-call for larger projects, many of which are Master Gardeners in their own right. We travel far and wide to stay current with best practices in floral design, as well as search for the most beautiful and unusual vessels you'll want to keep long after the blooms are gone.

Fresh Florals

Whether they're for a once-in-a-lifetime event, weekly business decor, a special gift, or for the home, our fresh floral creations are custom designed by shape, size, element, color, and style. Pricing is driven by variables cited above, or created to fit a specified budget




We are foremost an event driven business, delivering unique, quality product on time and on budget, suitable to the occasion, venue and theme.  We collaborate with Event Planners, as well as private clients, both business and consumer.  All florals are custom.  Service includes Event Motif Mood Boards with itemized florals, plantings, and hardscapes with costs, including labor.


Landscape in miniature. A tiny English garden. A diminutive city rooftop. A wee country pasture. 


These delicate contained scapes simulating peaceful, beautiful settings soothe the senses and stimulate the imagination. Thematic scapes are also available to commemorate any ocassion – a wedding, a new baby, a new home, or a special anniversary.

These hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind scapes make great gifts. Designed with fresh florals, the scapes come in different sizes and pricepoints. Price includes Scape Motif Creation and Mood Board, floral selection and design, container, and relevant thematic articles.  Also available in faux materials.

Landscape Design

Gracefully Done specializes in creating outdoor environments that provide impact. Depending on the size and scope of your project, we pull from extensive experience and expertise to make just the right statement.  


Services include onsite consultation, design scheme, material specification and selection, placement, and installation. Ongoing maintenance is available if desired. Costs of plants, materials and labor are estimated upon specification. 


A permanent botanical is a fixture. Much like an accent piece of furniture, a favorite piece of artwork, or your most coveted tabeltop decor. You have to love it.

We use only the finest silks and dried botanicals to craft our faux designs. We believe the most successful of these designs are those that imitate life, so careful consideration is given to how each element grows organically for correct placement and scale. And of course, every design must complement as well as enhance its environment.


Passionate about native plants, Gracefully Done's Melissa Fabel, works with clients to create beautiful, functional native gardens that help sustain the natural beauty and health of our area and its wildlife.


Services are flexible and tailored to need.  From a one-time native plant analysis report, to weeks of on-site training, to landscape services, Melissa provides the appropriate level of support. All services billed on an hourly basis.  

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